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Speaking of Space...

Multifandom blog with no sense of consistency.

♦ Science fiction ♦ History ♦ Anime ♦

Examples of things that will show up: Doctor Who, Stargate (mostly SG-1), history (mostly Napoleonic Era and Swedish history), musicals, manga and anime, Mortal Engines Quartet, His Dark Materials, In the Flesh, Superhero movies, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes AND OTHERS.

Currently watching: Zankyou no Terror, Love Stage!!, rewatching Stargate SG1.

Hopefully you'll find something you enjoy and tolerate the rest. Cheers!


Favorite part from the Terms of Service tbh. The rest made me laugh but this part just sort of made me very happy.

10:31pm · Monday, January 27th, 2014 · 9 notes
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