Speaking of space...

Napoleonic Wars Modern AU

Paris, 2013. After a General election Arthur Wellesley initiates his premiership with a visit to France to discuss the future of Britain in the EU. Napoleon Bonaparte, the President of France, has promised his European partners that he will do his utmost to convince Wellesley of the benefits of staying in the EU. His attempts to charm Arthur, however, prove most unconventional but extremely effective.

"We’re two of the most powerful men in Europe and yet we’re sneaking into a hotel. Le Figaro would have a blast."

"It was your idea. We’re surely not allowed to do this."

"You’re the prime minister. You make the rules!"

"That’s not very democratic."

Arthur stares at him for a moment while Napoleon is too busy checking if there’s anyone coming. Arthur knows his staff would have stayed up late in the hotel bar and most would now be stumbling across the halls trying to find their respective suites. He stares and frowns and, without thinking clearly (the Sancerre they had drunk at that little bistro Napoleon had dragged him into lightened his senses), he utters:

“It really is strange,” he waits for Napoleon to turn to him. “I feel I have known you forever.”

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