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"I would have preferred this writer explore these ideas" is an opinion.

"This writer has trouble with certain aspects of story-telling" is a criticism.

"This writer sucks and is talentless" is a mean-spirited insult.

"This writer should die" is a vile, shitty thing for which there is no excuse for saying.

Please learn the difference and please don’t pretend you’re doing one of the two former when you’re doing one of the two latter.

❝ let’s make the plot as heartbreaking as possible ❞

- summer 2014 anime creators probably (via kanekiken-kun)


help I’ve been sucked back into CLAMP



SO tomorrow, I will be leaving to go to the UK for a week. 


yaay excitment but also oh god so nervous. it’s for a school thing.

and I don’t know how my situation with internet will be. So, if you don’t see me a lot in this upcoming week, this will be the reason. I’ll see if I manage to put up some kind of queue, but it’s not certain. I will in any case be back next Saturday.


The Prague astronomical clock is the oldest astronomical clock that is still working and displays information such as the relative positions of planetary objects. | Hichem Merabet
For the domestic meme thing: Silver/Bones.

I am totally modern au-ing this one because I CAN. Sort of ties in with the mini-fic I wrote before? Also with some additional comments here. (I really need a tag for this silly silly au) 

who cooks normally?: (
Silver, once he’s learned how to do that. Then he’d make really fancy dinners, as we know he can (and be a nervous puppy with his stupid nervous smile, hoping Billy would appreciate it). Before that, take-away.

how often do they fight?:
Not very often actually. They bicker occasionally, but John seems to approach the world with a constant wry smirk, an it’s difficult to argue with him. It drives Billy up the wall at times, but none of them are very confrontational. (One thing they could argue about, further ahead, would be Billy’s drinking, but I’d like to think John could keep him away from that. There are more fights after a certain accident resulting in a leg less, where Billy is mostly worried and Silver tries to convince everyone that he can handle himself woops this got sad)

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:
Billy works, with whatever he now works with. something involving Flint and/or Gates. He’s very dedicated and serious about what he does (some kind of independent business that Flint runs? Or something more illegal? Who knows.) Silver works as well, at his and Max’s cafe/coffee shop/restaurant/whatever it is. But he also seems to have a million extra jobs and just shows up everywhere. He earns a lot of money from it, but no one has any idea how he has time or how he gets all those jobs. He will pop up next to you with a grin when you least expect it. He also louses around a lot (probably more in Billy’s apartment than his and Max’s, since she usually has Eleanor-named company), reads, tries to study… something. Watches a weird amount of documentaries. That or he babysits Billy’s landlady’s, Mrs Hawkin’s kid, a tiny fellow called Jim who’s very attached to Silver (Billy would like to say that he’s bad influence on the boy, but Silver is surprisingly great with kids). (I’m sorry I had to)

nicknames for each other?:
“Big guy”, “hey, muscles” where some usual ones in the beginning, but now it’s usually just Billy. Billy just said Silver most of the time.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?
Usually they split, but still Billy ends up paying for a lot of things because Silver takes way too long (it’s deliberate).

who steals the covers at night?:
John, definitely. But he also cuddles lot. Billy doesn’t really know if he’s annoyed or not.

what would they get each other for gifts?:
Billy would get something thoughtful, but kind of simple, like a book he knew Silver wanted or something like that. John would search in panic until the very last minute, then break down and ask Max for help, and she’d help him come up with something great, but never stop teasing him about it. I have no idea what it’d be though… Probably music.

who remembers things?:
They both tend to try to remember things, but Billy is more tied to having it written down in a calender or something than Silver, who just seems to file away everything in his head (and yet act completely oblivious at times).

who cusses more?:
Billy, hanging around Flint’s gang does that to you. John on the other hand hangs around Eleanor (though he’s kind of scared of her) and sort of… refrains from cursing unless the situation really calls for it because of that. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:
John would be really good at awkward fussing. As in, trying to be cheerful and making way too much food and asking every ten minutes how Billy is.
(… when John lost his leg, Billy visited almost every day at the hospital, or at least as often as he could, usually sitting very quiet. John wouldn’t know what to think of it and try to joke it away. Billy doesn’t talk a lot about it, but he sometimes get this look on his face. especially when John gets to training with a prosthetic, that John isn’t really sure what to make of.)

who kissed who first?:
Silver all the way.

who made the first move?:
Again, definitely Silver. Right down his alley.

who started the relationship?:
This I do think John left up to Billy to decide. He made his move and then waited to see what Billy was prepared to make of it. So, Billy.

this was so much fun. I am getting way too attached to this. I hope you enjoy it, the-prince-of-pirates, and that I didn’t flip out completely (I just used this as a dumping ground for so many headcanons…)

(Oh, and woofety, look, I did write some more… ish.)


I may move on from series but I never forget favorite characters



Do you ever think about the height difference between yourself and a fictional character and what it would look like if you stood next to them

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